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Dr. Rajesh J Ranglani (Om Ent & Sinus Clinic) in Kalanala, Bhavnagar

second floor no 3/4/7 suryadip complex ,kalubha road ,kalanala ,Bhavnagar ,Gujarat 364001.

An ENT doctor, Dr. Rajesh J Ranglani (Om Ent & Sinus Clinic) in Kalanala, Bhavnagar is amongst the most prominent medical practitioners in the city.He has done his MBBS(1996) ,DLO(1998) and MS(ENT)  from Gujarat University,Ahmedabad in the year 1999 ,then he joined prestigeous institute GCRI as a fellow in head and neck oncosurgical department ,he worked there for one year ,followed by he joined Bhavangar Medical Collage as a tutor in the department of otolarygology for two years and since november 2002 has been practising at Om Ent & Sinus Clinic  in Kalanala. Having many years of medical practice in the course of the profession, this ENT practitioner is well-known within the medical fraternity for the comprehensive and all-encompassing knowledge in the ENT specialisation. This doctor enjoys a constant stream of footfalls from local residents as well as people from nearby areas for troubles and ailments related to the ear, nose or throat. Pay a visit to this doctor's clinic, which is at above mentioned address . kalanala is very famous for medical practioners , the location of this clinic is a favourable one, thus, making it easy for first-time visitors to find it with ease. To get more information and book an appointment, reach out to the clinic on: +(91)-278-2523333./9825606011  This doctor is also listed under ENT Doctors.

Services offered by Dr. Rajesh J Ranglani (Om Ent & Sinus Clinic)

Dr. Rajesh J Ranglani (Om Ent & Sinus Clinic) in Kalanala attends to patients between the hours of operation from Monday to Saturday, between 11:00-13:30 - 17:30-19:30. This doctor's clinic is a modern setup, sectioned into a waiting area for patients and a consulting room for conducting an examination. At this clinic, there to aid in the accurate and precise diagnosis of the ailments of the ear, nose or throat are advanced and state-of-the-art equipment. This physician's clinic has a warm environment to make patients feel at ease. The doctor first understands the symptoms and the medical history of the patient, performs an examination and then goes on to prescribe the suitable treatment or medication or recommends a particular procedure. Patients can pay for this doctor's services with Cash,  Cheques, IMPS PAYTM.

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Ear Discharge
Allow expert ENT doctors with years of experience to treat any discharge or excess wax in no time.
Smell & Taste Disorders
Our ENT doctors are specialists and well experienced at dealing with smell and taste disorders.
Hearing loss must not be taken lightly. Our doctors are specialists in the symptom, causes and treatments.
Sore Throats
Relieve your throat from pain, itchiness or an irritation. Book an Appointment with our doctors now.